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Diet and ‘Male Enhancement’ Pills on Amazon, Ebay Contains Wrong Ingredients, FDA Warns

Nearly 50 pills and over-the-counter products touted as weight loss aids and “male enhancement” contain hidden and potentially harmful ingredients, the US Food and Drug Administration warned Thursday.

According to the agency, products with hidden active ingredients, including prescription drugs, controlled substances and other untested ingredients, were widely available on Amazon and Ebay, as well as other sites online and in some. retail stores in the United States.

“These deceptive products can harm you!” the FDA said in a press release warning consumers not to purchase dozens of named sexual enhancement supplements with unauthorized content.

For example, the “White Panther” male health enhancement pill, which FDA investigators said purchased from, contains sildenafil and tadalafil, the active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis, respectively.

Both substances can only be used in products prescribed by a licensed healthcare professional. When misused, they could lower blood pressure to dangerous levels, the FDA said.

Dangerous food supplements


Another pill, called “Rock Steady 72 Hours”, purchased from Amazon, contained the same two ingredients, which were obtained by prescription only.

“Hidden drugs and chemicals”

The FDA also found that “Super Slim,” a product sold on Ebay that claims to help with weight loss, contained two controlled substances that were taken off the market over ten years ago for safety reasons. The product could be life threatening depending on what other drugs a consumer might take, the FDA said.

In total, the FDA on Thursday identified a list of nearly 50 diet and sexual performance products that consumers should avoid as part of its efforts to curb what it called “a growing trend towards dietary supplements or conventional foods. containing drugs and hidden chemicals “.

To view the full list of contaminated sexual enhancement products, click here. The full list of potentially dangerous weight loss products can be found here.

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