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Extenze Plus: Another Contaminated Male Enhancement Supplement

Some time ago, health product regulators in the United States warned that Extenze Plus contains hidden and potentially dangerous ingredients. This warning was a reminder that extra caution is important when purchasing supplements, especially those intended for sexual enhancement, bodybuilding, or weight loss.

Illegal Viagra

Extenze Plus appears to be a popular male enhancement supplement for men who desire stronger, bigger erections. According to its manufacturer, the formulation is 100% herbal and is completely safe to use.

The product is one of those so-called “herbal Viagra”. It aims to work in the same way as sildenafil (Viagra) while using only natural ingredients. But some of these offerings are known to contain other unnatural ingredients that are not disclosed on their labels.

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The company that makes Extenze Plus claims to be the best for men all over the world. It is designed for those looking for cheaper alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery.

FDA warning on Extenze Plus

False Extenze Plus

False Extenze Plus

In August 2018, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a “public notification” regarding Extenze Plus which contains sildenafil. The ingredient was not disclosed on the supplement label.

The US government agency has warned the public to refrain from purchasing or using the product following the discovery.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, is a prescription drug. It is not meant to be in a dietary supplement that people can buy over the counter. The compound should be prescribed by a physician before anyone uses it to ensure user safety.

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An unfavorable interaction between sildenafil and drugs containing nitrates, for example, could cause blood pressure to drop dangerously. This means that people using medicines to control blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol can be at considerable risk.

Most worrying is that people using such a contaminated product will not be aware of these dangers. They will believe that they are using a product that contains only natural ingredients.

To protect yourself

Despite the FDA warning, Extenze Plus still seems to be somewhat popular among users. This might make some men want to give it a try.

Health authorities do not regulate dietary supplements, including male enhancement supplements such as Extenze Plus and Vigrx Plus, as strictly as drugs. As such, they generally do not approve of the products. It is mainly up to the consumer to decide what he thinks is useful.

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It can be helpful for any man who purchases Extenze Plus to purchase only from the official website to avoid getting contaminated products. The manufacturer claims that they can only guarantee a completely genuine product when users buy directly. There is no guarantee of this when purchasing elsewhere.

The company that makes Extenze Plus does not recommend buying from third party websites. Customers who buy from such places can end up with expired supplements or even fake supplements that contain prescription substances such as sildenafil, she said.

It stands to reason to buy directly from the manufacturer. This allows the consumer to be completely sure that they got the original product in the event of an adverse reaction. It can also help when planning to report any side effects to health authorities.

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