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Granite Male Enhancement Reviews (Scam or Legit?) Worth Buying?

Old age can lead to many declining health problems. Most bodily functions begin to fail, becoming more susceptible to various adverse health conditions. One of the major health issues that men face as they enter old age is low libido, low sexual stamina and poor performance which often leads to loss of confidence.

According to the NHS, low libido in men results from reduced levels of testosterone, a sex hormone. Treatments such as antidepressants can also cause a decrease in sex drive. Injuries, stress and obesity are also important causes of low libido in men.

Health experts are trying to formulate solutions to help prevent reduced libido due to age. The market is full of male enhancement formulas that claim to reduce the effects of aging on libido. However, some of these formulas contain artificial ingredients that can harm the body.

What is Granite Male Enhancement Formula?

Granite Male Enhancement supplement is a natural formula that increases male vitality, virility and vigor. It is powerful, pro-sex, natural ingredients that work together to improve men’s sexual stamina and overall sexual confidence.

Granite Male Enhancement works on the root cause of low libido in older men unlike other male enhancement formulas. Most sexual support products only reduce symptoms, leading to over-reliance on the formula.

Granite Male Enhancement is a dual action formula that works to restore overall libido in men. It increases blood flow to the chambers of the penis, allowing men to have bigger, harder and stronger erections. It also allows men to perform longer during more intense lovemaking sessions.

How does the Granite Male Enhancement formula work?

So far, no studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of Granite in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, according to the official website, the ingredients of the all-natural supplement have been clinically proven to help increase libido in men. The Granite Male Enhancement formula works by:

Improve the health of the corpora cavernosa- The supplement increases the blood in the penile area which helps to achieve intense and long lasting erections

Cell rejuvenation– the supplement helps to generate new cells to allow more blood circulation in the penile chamber. Some ingredients in the supplement have strong antioxidant properties that help form new tissue.

Reduces hormonal imbalance- the supplement helps in maintaining the right concentration of testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is responsible for influencing the power of erections and giving you intense orgasms.

Energy and temperament– the formula boosts overall energy levels to help you perform better in bed.

Ingredients contained in Granite Male Enhancement Formula

Most supplements in male enhancement formulas use proprietary blends; therefore, it is difficult to discern the amount of each ingredient used in the formulas. However, Granite is doctor formulated and contains 1484mg of FlowViV Flow Max blend which includes 44.28mg of calcium, natural plant extracts and botanical ingredients which are safe and provide effective results. Here is a list of the main ingredients contained in the supplement:

FlowViV Flow Max 1484mg blend includes these crucial ingredients for sexual benefits:

saw palmetto extract

Saw Palmetto extract is obtained from the fruits of the Serenoa repens tree. Native Americans used the plant as a sedative to treat mild respiratory infections. Studies also indicate that it can heal inflamed prostate glands and help maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Saw Palmetto may also stimulate an erectile response by increasing testosterone levels.

Nettle extract

Scientists get nettle extract from the leaves and roots of stinging nettle. The shrub is mainly found in various parts of Asia and Europe. The extract acts on the sex-binding globule responsible for the normal functioning of the hormone testosterone. Other nettle extract benefits include:

  • Improved reproductive health
  • It helps regulate blood sugar levels

Excerpt from Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a traditional herb used in many male enhancement formulas. It is one of the most researched nutrients, making it a common ingredient for enhancing sexual performance. Tongkat Ali helps restore high levels of libido, thereby improving overall sexual performance. Previous studies indicate that TongKat Ali:

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves global mod levels
  • Provides a feeling of relaxation

Horny goat weed extract

Horny Goat is a natural herb whose leaves contain essential nutrients that help treat erectile dysfunction. The nutrients in the extract increased the amount of blood flowing to the penis area, resulting in harder and longer lasting erections.

The extract also promotes the natural production of nitric acid which relaxes the muscles of the penis and improves blood flow in the penile chamber.

Wild yam extract

Wild yam extract is obtained from the root of the ancient plant. Studies indicate that the extract can regulate mood patterns and minimize stress and anxiety, leading to reduced sexual performance.

How to use Granite Male Enhancement Formula

Daily supplement intake – users should take two capsules with a glass of water. One should not exceed the recommended dose to avoid any adverse effects on the body.

Enjoy the benefits– the body absorbs the ingredients of the capsules, which leads to an increase in nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide helps improve blood flow to the penis area.

Follow the program- prolonged use of the supplement provides users with long-term benefits such as improved stamina, increased libido, and long-lasting erections.

Benefits of Using Granite Male Enhancement Formula

  • The supplement helps restore proper testosterone balance, reviving energy levels which rekindle libido and libido.
  • It improves blood flow to the sex organs, helping you achieve harder erections.
  • It helps maintain high potency levels which help prevent immature ejaculation
  • Continuous intake of the supplement helps increase overall penis size

Buy Granite Male Enhancement Formula

Granite Male Enhancement Formula is a unique supplement that enhances male performance in bed. Therefore, the formula is only available through the official online store to help maintain its authenticity.

  • Buy one bottle, get one free $62.50 each + free shipping
  • Buy two, get two free $46.25 each + free shipping
  • Buy three, get three free $39.97 each + free shipping

Users are advised not to buy Granite formula from any other source to avoid buying counterfeit products.

The company offers men a 100 percent money back guarantee for 60 days if the formula does not deliver the results they were looking for. To contact the company with questions and answers to them by contacting Customer Service from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST Monday through Friday by phone at:

  • Toll-free customer service number: 833-981-2324

The company asks customers to be aware that they will need to return the product they received for a full refund. Refunds will only be offered up to 60 days from the date of purchase,

Final Verdict on Granite Male Enhancement Formula

The market is full of male enhancement pills that claim to improve overall sexual performance in men. Most of these supplements contain synthetic chemicals that can harm the body and make things worse. The Granite Male Enhancement formula is a unique sexual health supplement made up of well-researched ingredients. These ingredients provide the male body with several sexual benefits, such as better stamina, increased energy levels, and sexual confidence.

Visit the official Granite website today to start improving your sexual experiences and return to your youthful days.

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