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Increase in male enhancement pill spam in 2007

ATLANTA – Secure messaging and internet gateway security provider Marshal today released the latest TRACE report. It shows that a spam botnet promoting a particular brand of male enhancement pills accounted for a third of total spam volume at the end of 2007. This happened at a time when spam volume was increasing; overall spam volume increased by more than 50% in the second half of last year.

The full report can be downloaded from the TRACE website.

The health spam category, promoting pharmaceutical products such as diet pills and performance-enhancing drugs, was the dominant spam category in 2007, accounting for almost 70% of all spam that year. The latest report, compiled by Marshal’s Threat Research and Content Engineering (TRACE) team, reviews the main developments in spam, malware and phishing in 2007 and reveals the TRACE team’s predictions for the evolution of threats in 2008.

“Despite increased law enforcement efforts to crack down on spammers and their botnets, spam got even worse in 2007,” commented Bradley Anstis, vice president of product at Marshal. “Sex sells and the financial motivations of the cybercriminal underworld supporting spam appear to remain strong. The cost of acquiring the tools and services needed to send spam goes down, and every time one spam gang is caught, there are others ready to step in and take over. For these reasons, we are not optimistic about the decline in spam in 2008.”

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