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ON THE RISE: Sales of drugs for men increase by 400% during confinement

By Lottie Tiplady-Bishop
July 3, 2020, 10:25 a.m.

Sales of men’s drugs skyrocketed 400% during lockdown.

Experts believe the rise is representative of a trend that’s already happening – especially prevalent among young men experimenting in the bedroom.

Figures from pharmaceutical company Male Extra show sales of their supplements rose from £2,000-£3,000 in January to £10,000 around April 20 – almost a month after Boris Johnson announced the lockdown.

Dr Earim Choudry, medical director of men’s health site Manual, said: “The last few weeks of lockdown will have given men plenty of time to reflect on their sex lives.

“Lockdown has given many couples the opportunity to engage in sex more frequently.

“For many people, this increase in activity will have caused some men to deal with low libido issues that have plagued them for some time.

“With a busy schedule, these issues are easier to ignore. Months locked inside, however, may have made them harder to ignore.

Male Extra’s product claims to “improve erection size and strength and intensify orgasms”, and sales of the enhancement drugs have skyrocketed – with men aged 25-34 responsible for the biggest increase, at 28.78%.

And London saw the most purchases, accounting for just over half of all Male Extra sales at 50.75%, followed by Birmingham at 4.19% and Bristol at 1.65%.

In the UK, England had the most sales at 77.5%, but data showed Scottish men accounted for 20.11% of sales, despite having a population around 11 times smaller than England.

Pictured is Dr. Earim Choudry, Medical Director of Manual

Experts believe that while the figures show an increase in sales throughout the lockdown, the boom is representative of an already existing trend.

Younger men – although theoretically less likely to suffer from issues such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and a lack of confidence in the bedroom – are thought to be increasingly comfortable discussing their lives sex with their partners and are now much happier to turn things around. .

Dr Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy says the lockdown has provided men with the perfect opportunity to experiment, shop discreetly online and have more time to appreciate the effects of male enhancement drugs .

Dr Lee said: “[These types of] medicines lend themselves to an online purchase since you can complete an online questionnaire and avoid an embarrassing consultation.

Dr Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy

“They arrive within 48 hours in discreet packaging. Men often find this very convenient.

She also pointed to an increase in Viagra sales, with a Nottingham pharmacy seeing a 34% increase in purchases of the little blue pill since February, according to The Business Desk.

But younger men are more likely to be looking to explore in the bedroom rather than tackle an existing “problem”.

Dr Chaudry points to the use of natural testosterone supplements – usually containing ingredients like Zing, Maca and Ginseng – which he says have “found a new, younger audience”.

The Men’s Health doc said: “Scientists have struggled to link the rise in young men buying Viagra (and related supplements) to underlying health conditions.

“It could be that the increase in sales is a sign that a growing number of young men are experiencing low libido.”

However, he added: “Other leading sexual health experts have blamed Viagra’s new, younger audience for sexual experimentation, with anecdotal evidence suggesting the drug is used as a bedroom enhancer. , rather than as a cure for erectile dysfunction.

“Supplements won’t cure erectile dysfunction, but they will help maintain healthy testosterone levels – the key to maintaining a high libido.”

Dr. Chaudry concluded: “Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that Viagra and testosterone supplements are becoming more normalized among young men.

“As in many areas of life, the lockdown has simply exaggerated and accelerated a hidden, but already present, trend.”

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