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Sky Scraper Male Reviews – Is SkyScraper Male Enhancement Supplement Legit?

Are you wondering what your life could be like in 10 years? Do you mind knowing that your testosterone levels are likely to wane from year to year, which will end up harming a range of male characteristics and functions? If the answer is yes, these are concerns reported by most, if not all, men.

Why wouldn’t they be frustrated, because the disappointment that accompanies bad erections and the inability to please their partners can shatter confidence levels! Well, one company insists that these problems can be temporarily avoided with their all-natural approach to a male enhancement formula. That said, the purpose of this review is to get men familiar with a supplement called Male skyscraper.

What is Skyscraper Male?

Skyscraper Male is an all-natural male performance formula that aims to boost better erections, increased libido and energy, increased vitality, and peak performance, to say the least. This last set of benefits is considered to be achievable because the formula can increase the size of the penis. The idea of ​​enlarging penis size by taking natural ingredients can be confusing at first, but with a little more information it will make sense. Therefore, let’s take a close look at how this formula is supposed to work.

How does Skyscraper Male work?

As briefly suggested on the official sales page, Skyscraper Male targets primary magnification source by increasing cell volume. Subsequently, this is trusted to enlarge a penis. To ensure cell volume satisfaction, this formula brings together the supposed power of four natural ingredients. Here is a summary of what they entail:

Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract

Tribulus is a type of plant that is easily recognized due to its characteristic thorn-like shape. The reason why it was considered for Skyscraper Male is that the plant contains chemicals that could increase the levels of certain hormones. Additionally, the team behind this solution insists that Tribulus may stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone.

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The latter is then supposed to release testosterone from the Leydig cells in the testes for powerful erections. Speaking of erections, a study that looked at the effect of Tribulus and its mechanism on the relaxation of the cavernous body (CC) reported reassuring results. Specifically, the researchers found that Tribulus’ mechanism involved a reaction with nitric oxide (NO) and CC endothelium and, therefore, could improve erectile function. [1].

Saw palmetto fruit extract

Saw palmetto is a fruit that grows on the Serenoa repens tree. According to a source, it has been considered a viable treatment for an enlarged prostate, urinary function, hair growth, libido and fertility issues, and inflammation. [2]. Speaking about its role in improving testosterone levels, Saw Palmetto works by decreasing the activity of a particular enzyme called 5a-R, where the latter is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT, an androgen which has been linked to hair loss in men. [3].


L-arginine is a type of amino acid that is essential for making protein in the body. In terms of penile growth, this ingredient is believed to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood, resulting in increased blood flow to the penis. Despite claims it could improve erections, scientific evidence for this contribution is lacking, source writes [4]. After scouring the internet for some studies, we came across an outdated study that involved rats.

Specifically, L-arginine was given to rats to see if a penile erection could be stimulated. Ultimately, the researchers confirmed that long-term oral administration of L-arginine may improve erectile response in aging rats, adding that it may, in fact, regulate nitric oxide synthesis. Taking everything into consideration, human studies will be needed to say anything with a high level of certainty. [5].

Eurycoma Longifolia extract

Eurycoma Longifolia is an evergreen shrub whose roots and bark contain essential chemicals to potentially treat erectile dysfunction, increase sexual desire, boost athletic performance and male infertility, among others [6]. A 2014 study that looked at the effect of Eurycoma Longifolia extract on testosterone reported that a dose of 400 mg per day for six weeks significantly differed from testosterone levels. [7]. A similar result was found in a 2012 study with identical goals [8], and this is not much of a surprise as this ingredient has garnered so many mixed results.

How much does Skyscraper Male cost?

At present, individuals should be invested in one of the following prices (depending on the desired quantities):

  • Buy 1 Bottle of Skyscraper Male, Get 1 Free: $ 59.74 each
  • Buy 2 Skyscraper Male Bottles, Get 1 Free: $ 53.28 each
  • Buy 3 Skyscraper Male Bottles, Get 2 Free: $ 39.75 each

Keep in mind that each vial contains 60 capsules to be divided into servings of 2 capsules. In other words, each bottle is an extra one month. In addition, the prices indicated above are exclusive of taxes and / or shipping and handling charges. If finances are tight, the team behind this solution has a 60-day program, which involves dividing the payment into three installments. For more information on payment plans, customer service can be contacted via:

E-mail: care@skyscrapermale.com

Telephone: +1 (833) 836 0028

Final thoughts

The name “Skyscraper Male” says it all; it is a dietary supplement that can symbolically enlarge a penis as tall and firm as a skyscraper. Four ingredients common to male enhancement industry have been considered for this formula, which are generally considered safe to take in moderate concentrations.

However, the scientific community is unable to assert that these ingredients can, in fact, induce penis enlargement and healthy erections in young and / or aging men have other concerns regarding this solution. The lack of supplement facts and company history. Not knowing the exact breakdown of the ingredients makes it difficult to assess its effectiveness. For these reasons, individuals may want to contact customer service so that any doubts can be cleared up before placing an order.

To learn more about Skyscraper Male, go here >>>.

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